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Instructions to update payment information

You have to update this payment information, only after you deposit the money in the company’s account and not before it.

You need to fill in all the particulars including the branch, where you have deposited the money.

This is not a Payment Gateway, so the money from account will not be transferred automatically from your account.

Kindly fill in separate payment information for every deposit transaction. E.g. If you deposit Rs. 3000 in Kotak account once and another Rs. 4000 again after some time, Kindly enter both the transactions separately and not Rs. 7000 as single transaction.

Kindly scan and upload the receipt or your deposit slip, to speed up the process of crediting the funds to your activation E-Wallet.

All the deposits are subjected to the approval from our bankers.

In case, we haven’t received your funds, then you have to send the scanned copy of your deposit slip for verification with our bankers. It may take some time.

Kindly submit only UTR or bank reference number from your bank passbook statement.

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